Beach Tents for Infants – Keep UV ray away from little one

– “You are a careless man … a real selfish !! Never think about family, only….”

– “What happened darling”, man really astonished!!

– “What happened ??!!….Hey, are you blind???!!”, The lady shouted.This article provide a detail idea about beach tent for infants.

The man became stunned now. He was getting ready to dip into cool waves, to get relief from the angry sun, and suddenly stopped by the shout.

-“Something wrong darling ?!!?”

-“Wrong !!! There is no shelter, where shall I keep our sleeping baby now? Isn’t it too hot here for little baby? Just look around, caring people come with beach tents for infants! I am returning to hotel room, enjoy yourself”, the lady stepped back fast and left the sea beach.

Let’s feel the situation

Silence of my lazy afternoon suddenly broke down with the shout. After a five days of conference in the early summer, I got a relief and was in a power nap mode with the rhythmic sound of the wave. Unfortunately it was not palm beach where people can survive comfortably without a shade. After the happening I opened my lazy eyes and blinked twice ! Looked around; and yes, there was a few small tents throughout the sea beach which actually attracted the lady, though she probably had no idea before, about these beach tents for infants. Little babies were enjoying the blue from inside while their parents and even grandparents were getting refreshed nearby in the blue and whites (waves of the sea). I was watching, the man was sadly sitting alone on the sand and looking around. His vacation became unpleasant this time. Next time he must get a beach tents for his little baby.

Importance of beach tents for infants

In the early summer people often prefer weekend fun beside the ocean. Ladies and gentlemen enjoy sun bath and thus never forget to keep towels, sunscreen lotion, hats in their rucksack. Unlikely, often people becomeThis diagram explains the importance of Beach Tent for Babies. careless about the travel accessories for infants though people know babies are the most precious gift in our life. Food, dress and shelter these three are in the foremost list of things to survive, we all know. Visitors with infants obviously do not forget about food and dresses for their infants; but, how many among them think about the shelter for babies when they would enjoy the sun bath? Often they realize the problem after facing the situation when there is nothing to do. Inclusion of beach tents for infants in the travel bag is a great solution for new parents.

Many organizations such as, American Academy of Dermatology, Skin Cancer Foundation, NHS UK, Babycenter, recommend avoiding exposure of sunlight for infants under 6 months; even up to 12 moths overexposure in sun is not recommended. The main reason is the ultraviolet (UV) ray of the sun which causes intense damage to skin of infants and may result skin cancer too. However, it is not possible to introduce sunscreen to a baby skin as chemical contact is not recommended for babies’ skin. In terms of sun safety, beach tents for infants is a handy travel accessories for babies, and it is equally important as sunscreen lotion for adults.

Why to get Beach tents for babies

As per the above discussion the major reason the get beach tents for babies are:

  • Beach tents for infants provides ample shade to babies in hot summer.
  • It protects infants from dangerous UV rays which causes intense damage to their skin.
  • Beach tents for infants offers sand free environment to the infants.
  • It can screen the ocean wind and drizzle and thus provide healthy weather inside for the infants.
  • This is a perfect place for babies’ nap and feeding during a beach trip.

However, beach tents for infants is not only useful for travel purpose, but this may be used in house garden or lawn or in a park nearby in sunny season. After crossing the infant age limit these tents are very entertaining playing tool for babies’ up to 3-4 years of age. As per experience, older babies often use this beach tents as a tool for hide-and-seek game and they really enjoy this.

Now, a few questions may be raised to the audiences.

1. How can people carry a beach tents for infants?

Ans: This is very easy to carry as it is too small when folded. At least for our loving kids we must carry such an essential travel accessory. More over a beach tents for infants is very easy to assemble.

2. Is it durable?

Ans. Quality is the ultimate answer to this question. Good quality beach tents for babies are very much durable even after ocean breeze become stronger. In the sea side rapid weather change observed often. Keeping this in mind, good companies use light waterproof materials to make beach tents for infants, so that sudden drizzle can’t affect the infant. There are number of beach tents in market. But people need to be selective before buy. Because if it collapses on to baby by the wind, that is nothing but a failure of the selection. In the section below a few suggestions has been described.

3. Can’t we use an umbrella instead of beach tents for babies?

Ans. I guess the above discussion has already mentioned the answer. Still, let’s discuss in short.

  • It is very normal that, umbrella can not cover a baby constantly. A baby can not keep quiet for long, as an adult can. An umbrella will be unable to provide a shade to a moving baby, and moreover the shade of an umbrella moves with the moving sun. Fortunately, a beach tent for babies behaves differently to provide constant UV and sun protection. Furthermore, babies like to stay and play inside the tent as they feel fun there.
  • Adverse weather condition can not be handled by an umbrella; neither wind nor rain, at least not for a baby. On the other hand a beach tents for infants is designed to protect them, what ever the weather is.
  • Beach sands can be restricted only by a beach tent to offer a healthy nap for the infants. Umbrella again fails to perform here.
  • The material of a beach tents for infants is proven to restrict the UV ray. We guess it is difficult to find such an umbrella.

We have discussed the importance and usage of beach tent for infants elaborately. Let’s explore some best baby tents now.

Best beach tents for infants

We have worked on this and after rapid survey, we selected few baby tents as the best among many others, in terms of specifications and price.

You can visit the following link for the best beach tents for infants.

Best Baby Tent for Beach – A review for five best beach tents for infants

This will be updated continuously whenever better products enter the market. We are keep watching.

Conclusive remarks

When baby is fine, parents are happy. This is a universal truth in our life. We do everything for our growing children. The above discussion does not alter the rule, as it explains a small part that can bring hassle free hours for a family during their tour. A trip is scheduled to explore funny moments, to get a relief from the daily 9-5 duty, to spend happy hours with family and friends. To enjoy the sun bath in sea beach if adults can carry the sunscreen lotion etc., then why not a beach tent for the loving baby! An excellent travel accessory that provides the decent baby protection in the beach side. Beach tent for infants offers ample shade, UV protection, wind protection, rain protection, sand protection, happy nap, feeding privacy and last but not least, fun for the baby. So let’s add the baby tent in the list of my travel accessory.


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