Best Travel Pillow for Long Flights – Top Selections in 2019

You often wake up with a painful neck after a long ‘sitting’ sleep in the long flight or running train, and further decide to buy the best travel pillow immediately. However, on the next trip you again face the same pain, and again decide the same. It’s a reality! We often forget some things to take with us (we actually forget them as early as their requirements end for the time). Toothbrush, umbrella, medicine etc. are in the list which we often forget to consider; similarly, we feel the requirement of a travel pillow, when we experience stiff neck and headache due to journey, and again forget it when we get a real pillow and soft white bed in our home.

To be frank, for me, it was almost impossible to sleep during any type of sitting journey, and thus I always felt tired after the journey. Whenever I slept by mistake, I felt badly wounded by stiff neck and back pain. Now, I can feel the magic of travel pillow.

Let’s Introduce Travel Pillow

Travel pillow provides great comfortThis is a in-depth review describing the best travel pillow for long flights in 2019. in your long journey, especially when there is no sleeper class available. It allows you to sleep well while you are sitting, and never let you experience a stiff neck, back pain or a headache. It simply supports your head while you are sleeping in a chair or any vehicle, where sleeper class is not available. Not only for the journey, but travel pillow is also useful if you are sleeping on a constant chair; such as your flight delayed, and you need some power nap in the airport waiting room. A travel pillow is a great option under such situation.

The Reasons to Consider Travel Pillow in Your Trip

Still, you may have a question that, ‘why should you include a travel pillow in your backpack in the next trip?’

For your simplicity, the reasons are summarized below.

  • Travel pillow provides you a happy sleeping experience, even if you never slept comfortably on a sitting arrangement. A perfect sleep makes you energized and relaxed.
  • You’ll never experience stiff neck or headache again if you sleep with a travel pillow on your long flight journey. Many of us are habitat to sleep anywhere, and often wake up with a painful neck. This problem will vanish if you use travel pillow while sleeping in your journey.
  • In any nomadic destination (such as camping) if you have no pillow with you, and don’t like to sleep on the hard ground, you can easily use your travel pillow instead.
  • Your flight is too late, and you are feeling sleepy. You can simply utilize your travel pillow, and have a power nap on the airport chair, you’ll feel much refreshed.

To experience the ultimate comfort, it is recommended to keep travel pillow for long flight journey, a road trip by car or bus, train journey, in fact, I would say for any trip.

Types of Travel pillow

Generally, there are two types of travel pillow in the market.

  1. Inflatable travel pillow
  2. Non-inflatable travel pillow (Memory foam based or PVC based).

It is better to gather complete knowledge of both types before you buy. This knowledge will help you select the right one.

Inflatable Travel Pillows

Under deflated condition inflatable travel pillows are just flat shaped, look like a thick handkerchief. These travel pillows take minimum place in your backpack. Upon inflation by pumping, most of them appear in a shape like ‘U’. The properties of inflatable travel pillows described in the following points.

  • Inflation method differs in various models. In a few models it may be done manually, by pushing air from your mouth or by the external electric pump; however, in integrated models, these pillows can be inflated by pressing an inbuilt button.
  • Inflatable travel pillows are made by polyurethane-based material. Sometimes the main shell remains covered by soft velvet or artificial foam. The cover may be permanent or removable.
  • These are easier to carry because under depleted condition they are pretty compact and lightweight.
  • Inflatable travel pillows are inexpensive, mostly you’ll get within $10-20.
  • These are easily washable. If the velvet covers are removable then washing is easier.
  • Most of the Inflatable travel pillows appear in ‘U’-shape, and the shape cannot be altered as per requirement.
  • They may be deflated without any prior notice, especially in high altitude.
  • Need to be careful, so that pins or sharp things always be away from this.
  • They are less comfortable than Memory foam-based travel pillow.

Non-inflatable Travel Pillow

These are solid and appears in ‘U’-shape or any other shape, but in several models, the shapes can be varied by bending them. But there is no question to make them as compact as inflatable pillows. You can see the following points to realize the differences.

  • Non-inflatable travel pillows are soft but solid constructions, and hence, these are always much thicker than deflated inflatable travel pillows.
  • The inner shell of non-inflatable pillows is made by firmer memory foam or soft microfibre. With the contact of body heat on memory foam material, it becomes softer and takes perfectly required shape, and thus provide proper support and ultimate comfort. There may be a soft and removable cotton cover over the foam shell.
  • Memory foam based or PVC-based non-inflatable travel pillows is much comfortable.
  • No need to worry, there are no chances to be deflated. You can feel relaxed while sleeping.
  • The shape of several non-inflatable travel pillows is adjustable by bending them; such as, ‘U’-shaped pillow may be converted to ‘S’-shaped, for your side wise neck-head support.
  • Relatively thicker, so may not be ideal for trekking backpack due to limited space, but still worthy.
  • It is difficult to wash some non-inflatable travel pillows, especially when no removable cover provided with the pack. But often these come with a removable cover.
  • Need to keep them away from water, otherwise, it may take much time to become dry. Moreover, memory foam may be effected in water contraction.

Things to Be Considered Before You Buy

This section is specially written to guide the buyers. When you decide to buy a travel pillow for long flight or frequent travel or maybe, for your next trekking trip, you have to consider a perfect one (as per your requirements). Otherwise, your hard earn money may be a big wastage. So it is recommended to consider the following factors before you press the final payment button.

Space really matters

We have seen that it often becomes difficult to manage space in our luggage bag. If you think you’ll be able to manage only a very little space in your backpack, then inflatable travel pillow is your only hope. But if you can manage little more space, a compact non-inflatable pillow will be nice for you. There are non-inflatable travel pillows in the market which are foldable and compressible. However, if you are ready to sacrifice a few more spaces in your backpack for you long flight, then just chose any memory foam based travel pillow. You have no bindings.

Chose the right loft by which you feel comfortable

The loft of inflatable pillows may be adjusted by deflation, but non-inflatables are locked here. However, there are various models of non-inflatable travel pillow with different loft measure (3″-5″). But don’t worry the majority of them offer average loft, which may not feel you uncomfortable.

The sleeping positions

As you are going to buy a travel pillow for your comfortable sleep, you must be focused on your favorite sleep position. Otherwise, you may not feel relaxed. Do you prefer to sleep on your back or your stomach, or you love to sleep sidewise? Common ‘U’-shaped travel pillows are a nice choice for those, who like to sleep on back or upright position. For them, there are many alternatives in the market. Some pillows may be converting to various shapes by bend then, few are of unusual shape, choose the perfect one for you.

Travel pillows with several shapes are available in the market as follows:

  • U-shaped collar travel pillow: Collar travel pillows are most common in the market and they shape almost like ‘U’. These pillows offer full support around your neck from the backside and perfect if you like to sleep upright.
  • Wedge-shaped pillow: You can travel with a Wedge-shaped pillow if you badly suffer from backaches. These are not compact size pillow, but if you are a patient of backaches, you should consider this pillow during your travel.
  • Cushions: These look like a normal pillow; They are smaller in size and can be used to support your back or neck in your long journey. These are even useful if you are sleeping flat in an outdoor camp.
  • Travelrest travel pillow: This is a very interesting one and looks like ‘comma’. Its straight part lay over your chest while you are sitting, and the bend portion goes towards the seat-head, and get attached there with a belt. You get head-neck-body support with travelrest travel pillow.
  • Skysiesta travel pillow: This is ‘L’ shaped travel pillow. It supports your head-neck from back and head-neck-chin from the front.
  • Skyrest pillows: This gets larger upon inflation. You can just put it on your lap and take rest by putting your head on it.
  • U-shaped and J-shaped pillow: These are much bigger and normally not treated as a travel pillow. However, both are very comfortable and supports your full body.

Washing factor

You need to wash the pillow after long use, to remove oil, bacteria and for hygiene. So you must check, whether the cover is removable from the shell or not. If you are choosing memory foam based travel pillow, you must buy one having a washable cover. However, there are some one-piece designs in the market, which are commonly made by polyester. You should be very selective to choose them, you must look after their washing properties.

Softness and firmness

You can check the firmness of travel pillow by touching them; if the firmness does not suit you just don’t buy or return and apply for the refund. Without proper firmness, you may not enjoy the 100% relaxed feeling. You can also get an adjustable travel pillow, which you can adjust based on your choice. However, original memory foam travel pillows are more comfortable in terms of softness and firmness.

Check the inflation method if you choose inflatable travel pillow

There are two types of inflation methods, as already discussed above, (1) inflation manually by mouth, (2) inflation by inbuilt valve and button. You should check your preferences, that’s your personal matter.

How to get Travel Pillows

Nowadays travel pillows are very popular travel accessories, and you can easily get it at offline or online market. In the airport, you have to pay more bucks than you expect, so it is better to avoid buying from the airport.

Travel pillow can be used in several situations. A long journey in the airplane is one of the most common among those because you often need to sit straight there.
Keeping this in mind we are offering here a detail description for the best travel pillow for long flight. However, these are greatly useful for any other journey (train, bus or car), or for your rest in static sitting arrangements.

You need to choose a comfortable travel pillow for your long journey. Depending upon the space in your luggage bag, you have to select a compact one or foldable. To check other selection factors you can check the above section.

During our survey on the best travel pillow for long flight, we selected a few and in-depth information for all those travel pillows are described in the following section.

Reviews for the Best Travel Pillows for Long Flight

We have selected total 12 best travel pillows:

  1. Non-inflatable Travel pillow – reviews for best 8
  2. Inflatable travel pillow – reviews for best 4

Here in this section, we have considered a detail description for each of the best travel pillow for long flight, which included pros and cons. Hope these descriptions will help you.

Non-inflatable travel pillow

Memory foam based and PVC based 8 top quality travel pillows are included in this section.

Everlasting Comfort Travel Pillow


This ‘U’-shaped travel is designed with orthopedic raised lobe, and thus allows your head to move around comfortably. The pillow is made by 100% memory foam, so you need not be worried about ultimate comfort during your travel. The velour cover over the shell is removable and you can easily wash the cover when required. The design of Everlasting travel pillow is perfect for comfortable sleep in long flights or other upright sitting accommodation.

The package comes with an Everlasting Comfort travel pillow, a protective travel bag, a padded and adjustable eye mask, and a set of memory foam-based earplug which certified with NRR value (Noise Reduction Rating) of 33. The pack is lightweight, compact and thus very easy to carry with you.

Additionally, there is a small elastic pocket at the side of this travel pillow which is perfect to fit your cell phone or any other accessories such as, earplugs and eye mask. By keeping your mobile phone in the elastic pocket, you can enjoy music while you are snoozing.

There is an adjustable strap in the front side of Everlasting Comfort travel pillow, which offers nice fit for you (sometimes for children too).

The last but not list, this travel pillow is offering you a lifetime replacement guarantee if anything goes wrong. You shall rarely get such an outstanding offer.

Price: $19.95 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 4.3/5

Buy at:

Pros at a glance
  • Everlasting Comfort travel pillow is made by 100% pure memory foam to offer you ultimate comfort.
  • The ‘U’-shaped design with orthopedic raised lobe and contoured in a way that, it fit nicely and let you move your head around comfortably while sleeping.
  • The design is perfect for sleeping in an upright position during your journey.
  • The velour cover over the shell is removable and washable. You don’t need to worry about hygiene.
  • There is an elastic pocket at the side of the travel pillow. Now you can enjoy music while snoozing.
  • Along with the travel pillow, the pack also includes one travel pouch, one eye mask and a set of top-quality memory foam made ear plugs.
  • The adjustable strap in front of the travel pillow offers nice fitting with any head-neck shape.
  • This is lightweight and compact; so, you can carry it without any hassle in you long trip.
  • If there is no space in your backpack, you can just clip it outside with given pouch.
  • They offer you an exciting lifelong replacement guarantee for anything wrong.
Cons at a glance
  • Few users found it a little thick; that is due to orthopedic raised lobe.

Huzi Infinity Pillow


To provide all-around head-neck-chin-hand support, in any sleeping position, Huzi launched the first Mobius-shaped travel pillow. You can wrap Huzi Infinity around your neck in an infinite way depend upon your sleep position. You can wrap it on your neck and sleep sitting upright; if you get support in front of your chair, sleeping in head-down position with the pillow is possible too. If you want to get side-wise support on your window, just change the wrapping position. In this way, this game changer travel pillow is adaptable in versatile sleeping positions with perfect balance. Huzi Infinity travel pillow may be considered as one of the best travel pillows for long fight, chair car train journey, or even for your power nap during lunch session in your office.

Huzi Infinity travel pillow is made by 55% bamboo and 45% polyester. Though pure memory foam is absent here, still it is much worthy in terms of softness, hygiene, and utility.

Do you know why?

The bamboo fabric is a super soft material. Additionally, layers of cutting-edge microfiber offer you a luxurious feeling. Besides, due to the presence of bamboo fabric, it is much more breathable than others and carries in-build antibacterial properties. So, you can imagine the level of hygiene for this travel pillow.

Huzi Infinity travel pillow is washable as a whole, which is not possible in many other travel pillows, and it is quick-drying too. You need not worry about something like a removable cover to wash.

It is lightweight and takes minimum space in your backpack when you fold it.

People often found a scarf like Huzi infinity model much more comfortable than ‘U’-shaped travel pillows.

Price: $39.90 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 4.4/5

Get at: OR

Pros at a glance

  • Huzi Infinity travel pillow offers you head-neck-chin-hands support with perfect balance while you are snoozing.
  • It is adaptable in various sleeping position; sitting upright, head down or sidewise – it provides all types of support depending upon you wrap styles.
  • It is not only useful for your long journey, but your daily purpose will also be solved, such as power nap session in your office.
  • Huzi Infinity travel pillow is made by bamboo fabric and microfiber; thus, it offers you super soft feeling.
  • Due to the antimicrobial properties of the bamboo fabric, you need not to be worried about hygiene.
  • Huzi infinity is more breathable than many other travel pillows.
  • It is washable and quick-drying. You need not think about removable cover.
  • Huzi Infinity travel pillow is very lightweight and foldable to minimum volume. You can afford it in your backpack within a very small space.
Cons at a glance
  • If you don’t wrap it by proper method (or tricks), you may not get proper support all over you head-neck-chin, and thus cannot feel the ultimate comfort.
  • If you like to use relatively hard travel pillow, then it is probably not for you. Huzi Infinity is very soft.
  • There is no real memory foam. If you like to feel the firmness of memory foam, you should avoid it.

AERIS Travel Pillow


Aeris travel pillow is made by soft and high-quality memory foam. It is ‘U’-shaped and rounded all over without any raised lobe. It provides the exactly right amount of support to your head and neck and you can enjoy better sleep in an upright sitting position, even if you never had comfortable sleeping experience in flight. Aeris travel pillow is very flexible and does not push your head in the forward direction. Wearing this you’ll get proper side wise support too. if you want to lean your head sidewise while sleeping, Aeris pillow will provide you good support. This may be used in versatile purpose; In long flight, in the train, your car, or even in home as a pillow (especially if you have a neck injury, it is perfect to use in home).

The adjustable strap in the front side of the travel pillow is very useful.

The pack contains one-piece soft travel pillow, one eye mask, a pair of earplugs and one carrying pouch. Though Aeris travel pillow is bulky, it compresses down to the small travel pouch very nicely; thus, it takes minimum place inside your backpack. Otherwise, using the velcro strap you can hang the travel pouch from your backpack or luggage trolley. It is very lightweight too.

The high-quality memory foam material doesn’t let it get flat very quickly. For the longer time you can feel the comfort of new. You’ll get an immediate replacement if anything become wrong within guarantee period.

Price: $23.90 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 4.5/5

Get at:

Pros at a glance
  • This travel pillow is made of soft and high-quality memory foam.
  • It provides exactly right amount of support. Due to its flexibility, you’ll not experience feelings like, “your head is getting pushed forward”.
  • Can be used in travel or in home.
  • This is a unique choice for people with a chronic neck injury because it supports the neck perfectly.
  • The adjustable strap in the front side offers you perfect fit.
  • The pack comes with a full sleeping set that includes a travel pillow, an eye mask, and sets of ear plugs, and also a travel pouch containing Velcro strap.
  • It is very compact when folding down and lightweight too.
Cons at a glance
  • If the backside of your head is too flat, you may not feel comfortable.
  • In a rare case, it may smell like petroleum initially (as it is memory foam based), but the smell disappears day by day.

BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow


The uniqueness of BCOZZY travel pillow is, it stabilizes your head and neck by wrapping all around, from back to front including your chin. You’ll rarely get a chin supporting travel pillow in the market. However, the ‘O’-pattern shape of this pillow holds your chin to dozes off forward, and thus it has grown very popular.

This is made by fleece material, and thus it is very soft. It is easily adjustable and twistable in several positions and offering you 360-degree support. It’ll not push your head to forward from the backside, and you can lean your head in any side, it’ll provide equal support. BCOZZY travel pillow is a perfect choice for neck pain sufferers; this is a piece of nice equipment even in home.

This travel pillow is washable in the machine as a whole, and thus don’t need to think about removing pillow cover (actually it doesn’t come with any cover as it is fully washable).

It is available in both adult and child size, and in many attractive colors. The chin support is very useful for children, especially when they are riding a car (for comfort only).

Finally, BCOZZY travel pillow is an ergonomic brilliance without any confusion and the best travel pillow for long flight.

Price: $29.97 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 4.4/5

Get at: or

Pros at a glance
  • Patented ‘O’-shaped model of BCOZZY travel pillow can support all around you head-neck-chin. It perfectly holds your chin to fall off forward.
  • This is made by fleece material and they offer you a soft feeling.
  • Your head will not be pushed forward from the backside.
  • BCOZZY travel pillow is adjustable and can be twisted as per you sleep position.
  • This washable fully, don’t worry about the cover as there is no external cover.
  • Available in adult size as well as children size.
Cons at a glance
  • Due to wrapping all around, it gets warm relatively faster, and you may start sweat all around your head.
  • You may feel itchy if you are allergic to this fabric.
  • You’ll not get the feeling the firmness of memory foam as it is fleece made.

Dot & Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow


The beauty of Dot & Dot travel pillow is, it can be twisted in several shapes for your personalized support. It comes in common ‘U’-shape for sleeping in the upright position, you can change it to ‘S’ shape for window-side support, again may be converted to ‘comma’ shape and several others. Even you can use this as a cushion in you back if you feel spine pain while sitting long. Unlike traditional travel pillows, this one differs a lot for its variable shapes via twisting ability.

High-quality memory foam is the basic shell material of Dot & Dot travel pillow. You’ll feel the heavenly comfort of memory foam. There is a removable cover which is made by soft cotton. To remove the oily dirt and bacteria you can simply wash the cover in machine.

It is lightweight and easy to carry. The travel pillow can be folded down and takes minimum space in your backpack. Alternatively, it can be attached outside the backpack with its snap closure.

Besides, its use in long flight or road trip by car, it is also handy to use in home; as an example, you can watch movie in your favorite sitting position and use it for the support your head or back. Dot & Dot travel pillow is highly recommended to the people with a neck injury, shoulder surgery, and severe neck pain; it offers night long hassle-free sleep to those people without any neck pain symptom in the morning.

Price: $24.99 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 4.6/5

Get at:  or

Pros at a glance

  • It can be twisted and bent to various shapes, and offers you personalized support depending upon you sit positions.
  • Dot & Dot travel pillow is made by original memory foam and you’ll realize the ultimate comfort.
  • The cover of this pillow is made with soft cotton fabric which offers you more comfort.
  • The removable cover is machine washable.
  • This is lightweight and can be folded down to minimum volume. Thus, it is hassle-free to carry in your backpack.
  • There is a snap closure in it, and you can carry it by hanging it to your backpack too.
  • If you are a chronic sufferer of neck pain, Dot and Dot travel pillow is a perfect choice for you; you can use it for your daily sleep to experience painless good morning!
  • Pregnant women can use it as a cushion on their back while sitting. It provides comfort and keeps back pain away.
Cons at a glance
  • You can feel the bendable metal inside the travel pillow.
  • Repeated twist may split the memory foam inside.

Ostrich Pillow Go


Ostrich Pillow Go rocks in the market due to its awesome design and dream comfort of original memory foam. Smart round shaped travel pillow offers you a cool look whenever you wear it, and thanks to Studio Banana team (as well as Ostrich Pillow) for this outstanding and unique invention.

The inner shell of Ostrich Pillow Go travel pillow is made by original memory foam and thus provides you great softness. However, to support your head and chin perfectly, they designed the edges relatively less soft with high-density memory foam, which is unique again in this model over others. You’ll get 360-degree soft edge support of high-density memory foam all over your head and chin, to experience better sleep during your journey.

The presence of velcro strap and soft viscoelastic sleeve in this travel pillow offers you a perfect fit, which let you drive to the deep sleep without any hassle.

The outer cover of Ostrich Pillow Go travel pillow is made by extremely soft and breathable fabric which is departable from the main shell by unzipping a hidden zipper. To maintain hygiene, you can easily wash the cover in the washing machine.

You’ll get a small travel pouch with it, and you must be excited to see the rate of compression of this travel pillow. It can be compressed to half of its normal size and can be inserted into the small pouch easily. A small space in your backpack is sufficient to keep it.

As per the overall experience, this is one of the best travel pillows for the long flight and outdoor, due to its unique design and heavenly comfort.

Price: $59.99 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 4.1/5

Get at:

Pros at a glance
  • Awesome design of Ostrich Pillow Go offers you a very stylish look.
  • You’ll experience superior comfort of high-density memory foam.
  • The unique model provides you 360-degree ergonomic neck and head support.
  • It fits on your neck perfectly due to the presence of Velcro strap and soft viscoelastic sleeve.
  • The cover is made by soft fabric and it is breathable. You can remove the cover from the shell and wash it in the machine.
  • It can be compressed down to half of its original size, and thus easy to carry.
Cons at a glance
  • Ostrich Pillow Go is expensive than others (still worthy).
  • It may not fit well for people with a small neck.

Sky Siesta Travel Pillow


This is a new model with a pretty innovative idea to provide your head-neck-chin total support. There are one ‘L’-shaped and one reverse ‘L’ shaped parts in this travel pillow, which get connected together head-to-head, to snug you head and chin; there is another soft and flat part at the backside, that holds two ‘L’-shapes together and supports your head and neck. Besides the ultimate support, Sky Siesta travel pillow also restricts the outer noise to reach into your ear when you are sleeping. You do not need to use an additional noise controlling headphone.

The fabric is pretty soft and comfortable. The backside of the pillow is soft and flat, so your head will not be pushed forward. There is a sung buckle, by which you can adjust the fit. If you feel warm, you can lose the buckle. This novel type of model will never let you realize neck pain again because of sleep in your long travel.

Besides travel how this pillow can be useful?

There are reasons for this question. If someone gets injured in head or face (i.e., head injury, eye operation), and facing problem to sleep, this pillow can be protective for him/her in home or outdoor. In home, when he/she sleeps in bed, this pillow can be used to guard the wounded part from the friction of the bed.

The pillow can be washed fully, no cover available to wash separately.

Price: $24.99 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 4.2/5

Get at:  or

Pros at a glance
  • The unique double ‘L’-shaped model of Sky Siesta travel pillow offers you great head-neck-chin support.
  • It’ll not let your head tilt down forward, as it snugs about your head.
  • Sky Siesta travel pillow can restrict other noise to enter your ear. You need not use addition noise reduction headphone if you use this one.
  • The fabric is very soft and comfortable.
  • The adjustable snap buckle provides you perfect fit.
  • The backside guard is soft and flat. This is a great choice for the people having straight neck and like light pillow volume behind the head.
  • Sky Siesta travel pillow is washable as a whole.
  • This is great equipment for the people suffering from head or face injury and needs to sleep safely in their own bed too. This pillow provides the required guard To the wounded area.
Cons at a glance
  • You may feel warm on your head and face because it covers your face almost all the way.

J-Pillow Travel Pillow


This is a ‘J’-shaped travel pillow made by the polyester blend. J-pillow travel pillow provides you head-neck-chin support. The bend part in the bottom supports your head from falling forward, the upper bar supports your head from back to side, while the middle part fills the gap between head and neck. The overall patented model is good enough to restrict neck pain and provides you a smooth sleeping experience.

Many ‘U’-shaped travel pillows push your head to forward direction. J-pillow travel pillow is typically different, and do not let you feel any such push forward experiences. Besides you long travel by flight, train, bur or car, you can use it at home while watching movie or reading books for a long time.

It is easy to squish and you can put anywhere in your backpack. J-Pillow travel pillow is made by polyester blends, and there is no restriction to wash it fully.

Price: $29.95 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 4.5/5

Get at:  or

Pros at a glance
  • It provides overall support to you head-neck-chin, and you can visit happy dreamland while sleeping in you long flight.
  • You’ll get great support on the chin. The gap between head and neck get filled perfectly too.
  • It doesn’t push your head in the forward direction like many ‘U’-shaped travel pillow.
  • It is washable as a whole.
  • J-pillow is soft and thus easy to squish; you can take it anywhere in your backpack.
Cons at a glance
  • It has single sided support on your neck. So, if you want tilt you head to either side, you need to alter the travel pillow position too.
  • You may feel awkward at first, especially if you are in the middle seat. In that case, you need to handle it properly with tricks, otherwise, you may not feel comfortable.

Inflatable travel pillow

To be frank, I am not a great fan of an inflatable travel pillow. Still, these are quite useful under certain circumstances. If you are heading for a trekking trip or camp you cannot afford much extra space in your backpack, and inflatable travel pillows are important under those situations. It is possible to control the level of loft and firmness in inflatable travel pillows.

4 inflatable travel pillows will be introduced here which are found to be the best with unique specifications.

Daydreamer Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow


You need not use your mouth to inflate Daydreamer inflatable travel pillow. Just push the in-built pump button repeatedly to inflate, and within one minute you’ll get your ideal travel pillow in your hand. When you need to deflate, you just press the air release valve, you’ll see instant action. This release valve is useful to adjust the level of firmness and loft for this inflatable travel pillow, which is not possible in non-inflatable travel pillows. The pump is durable enough.

There are two bumps available on two sides, which are very useful to support your head; even if your head dozes off sidewise while you are sleeping during your journey, these bumps will hold your head as well.

Daydreamer inflatable neck pillow is covered by a removable microvelvate cover, which is washable. The fabric of the cover is very soft; due to this soft fabric, you’ll feel comfortable while put it on your neck.

As said earlier it is easier to carry because upon deflation it compressed down to store back to the given travel pouch. You can easily keep this small pouch in your backpack or side bag. Alternatively, you can hang out the small pouch on your backpack, if you do not have enough space inside.

Price: $16.95 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 3.8/5

Get at:  or

Pros at a glance
  • You can inflate Daydreamer travel pillow by pushing in-built inflation pump within one minute; no mouth blow required.
  • It can be deflated instantly just by pressing the release valve.
  • You can personalize the level of firmness and loft by pressing the release valve.
  • The bumps on the back side support your head.
  • The travel pillow is covered with a soft microvelvate fabric which let you feel smoothy and comfortable.
  • The cover is removable and washable.
  • It compresses down to small volume upon depletion, and thus easy to carry.
Cons at a glance
  • This may push you head forward if you do not adjust the air properly, depending upon your head neck structure.
  • You may have to push the pump button many times to inflate the travel pillow in full.
  • You may experience an odd noise, every time you push the in-built pump switch of the inflation pump.

Aibolt Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow


Aibolt inflatable travel pillow has many similarities to the last described travel pillow. It has an inbuilt pump to inflate and you need not blow with the mouth, and also has an air depletion valve. The level of firmness and loft may be controlled similarly to the last one.

The major addition in this travel pillow is the generation of heat for pain relief (of course if you need). It can accommodate 50-55 degree heat which is good enough for muscles relaxation, stress relief, improve blood circulation. If you are suffering from neck or shoulder pain, this travel pillow under the hot condition is a good one to ease your pain.

There is a USB port attached in the side of the travel pillow which can be connected to a power bank to get the pillow heated. Along with this, the pack provides a USB extension to connect it to a laptop or mobile. You can enjoy the hot pillow anywhere you want. There is side pocket in Aibolt travel pillow to keep your mobile, eye mask etc.

The outer cover is made by velvet which offers you soft feeling. The cover is removable and you can wash it to remove dirt.

Price: $16.95 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 4.1/5

Get at:

Pros at a glance
  • The travel pillow can be inflated by the in-built pump switch, and also can be depleted by air release valve.
  • You can control the level of loft and firmness as per your need.
  • The internal system of the pillow can generate heat, which is a good addition for muscle relaxation and ease the pain.
  • The USB port added with the pillow can be connected to a power bank to make this hot.
  • An additional USB extension is given with it to connect to a mobile or laptop, you can warm yourself anywhere.
  • There is an elastic pocket to keep mobile, eye mask etc.
  • The outer cover of Aibolt travel pillow is velvetised and thus smooth and soft.
  • The velvet cover is removable and washable.
  • It can be compressed to very small size, and thus easy to carry.
Cons at a glance
  • Everyone may not like the heating option.

Travelrest – The Ultimate Inflatable Travel Pillow


Travelrest travel pillow is a different type of travel pillow which offers you full lateral support from your head to the body. This is a long pillow when inflated, and lays across your body while supports your head and neck perfectly and in proper alignment; no matter whether you get a window side or not. You can get the support in various arrangements, across the body or downside the body. For your more information, there are two bands to connect the pillow with the seat, one you need to bind on the top of your seat head, another with your seat belt. These bands will keep the pillow stable while you will sleep.

Travelrest travel pillow needs to be inflated by mouth blow and needs only a few puffs. However, to control the firmness you just need to press a valve switch which releases the air. In fact, you will feel the comfort when you keep 80-90% air volume in it, rather than over inflate.

The pillow is covered by a soft velvet layer which is not irritating at all, but very comfortable. If you wish to enjoy the feeling of memory foam, you can buy an external memory foam cover for travelrest travel pillow; that is available in the market.

The pillow is easy to deflate by pressing the valve and can be rolled up, which access minimum space in your backpack.

It will drift you to dreamland if you use it properly. Many people prefer this model over ‘U’-shaped travel pillows, due to its indifferent comfort. However, among inflatable travel pillows, this is one of the best to travel pillow for long flight, bus, train or even for your rest in any other static sitting arrangements.

Price: $26.95 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 4.1/5

Get at:  or

Pros at a glance
  • Travelrest travel pillow offers you full lateral support, from head to across the body.
  • You can take this in various positions.
  • It is easy to control the firmness as per your requirements.
  • The outer layer is made by soft velvet fabric.
  • You can easily deflate the pillow by simply pressing the release valve, and roll it down to very small size.
Cons at a glance
  • You need to inflate it by mouth blow, there is no in-built pump switch.
  • Maybe you need to apply tricks to align top band properly for some particular flights’ seat head, depending upon the seat structure and alignment of that airlines.
  • We’ll get one-sided head support at a time. If you need to turn around, you have to relocate the pillow position too.

SmartDer Inflatable Travel Pillow


This is another different type of inflatable travel pillow, which appears as a box or a jacket shape upon inflation. It has three windows, one for head and other two for hands.

Maybe you are thinking, “Do I have to wear it?”

No, no… You don’t have to. This travel pillow is made for head down position. If you like to sleep in head down position then SmartDer travel pillow is a perfect choice. The arm holes in the pillow allow your hands to get some rest too. It provides full support for your head and upper body so that you can sleep well for long. You often get sleepy, but miss a table in front of you, or you often doze off your head on your neighbour’s shoulder while traveling in plane or train, and fall in an awkward situation. After using this travel pillow you never experience these all.

This is easy to inflate and deflate SmartDer travel pillow using corresponding nozzles. Upon depletion, it takes very small space and can be inserted in a given travel pouch’ and thus easy to travel with.

The soft cover of the pillow is made by PVC, and it is washable; No worry about hygiene.

Price: $13.99 (price may vary day-by-day)
Our rating: 3.9/5

Get at:  or

Pros at a glance
  • This is a perfect choice if you prefer to sleep by leaning your head to forward direction or head down position.
  • SmartDer travel pillow provides rest to your whole upper body, head, and arms.
  • You can inflate it by switch a nozzle, and also can be deflated very easily.
  • It can be to roll down to a small volume, and you can carry it easily.
  • The pillow is washable.
Cons at a glance
  • Needs almost 3-5 minutes to inflate it.
  • If you have a very sensitive nose, you may receive a plastic smell while sleeping in head down position.
Average rating: 3.9/5
Get at: OR

Conclusive remarks

You will enjoy more hassle-free travel experience if you keep a travel pillow in your backpack. You’ll never experience a stiff neck, back pain or a headache, if you have such equipment in your backpack; it doesn’t matter how long your journey is. However, travel pillows are not only an important travel accessory, but you can use these in home too. Moreover, many travel pillows are specially designed for patients of neck and shoulder injury.

Most of the travel pillows are lightweight, compact and easy to carry. Comfort is another important criterion to be considered. For your simplicity to select a perfect travel pillow as per your needs, we have introduced here a list of best travel pillow for long flight, travel in train or bus and also for your personal vehicle. In order to our deep survey, we have selected 12 best travel pillows for the year and described all of them in details in the above sections. We hope these in-depth reviews will be helpful to you.

If you like the article or you have any suggestion or questions, then please share your insights in the comment box below.

Thank you very much for your visit.

With best regards

Dr. SD

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    I have decided to go with the Huzi Infinity Travel Pillow.
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    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you very much for stopping by and drop your comments.
      You are right, non-inflatable travel pillows are more comfortable than inflatable. But under certain situations, inflatables are important, especially to manage space.
      However, the pillow you have chosen is great. Huzi infinity offers great softness and comfort. You can move on for sure.

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    1. Dr. SD

      In the early days, I never kept travel pillows during my trips and always suffered with sleepless hours and painful neck. But things changed after I discovered and bought my first travel pillow. To realize more comfort I bought more, but always keep one of my travel pillow during my every journey.
      In the airport, sellers ask for too many bucks for these pillows.
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      You can try any type of travel pillow you wish, ultimately you need comfort. We tried to explore here the best travel pillows, depending upon certain important criteria.

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      Whatever, you choose, this may be inflatable or non-inflatable, ultimately you need a comfortable journey, without any stiff neck. All travel pillows in the world are helping travelers by providing comfort. This review highlighted the best travel pillows among them, depending upon some important but basic criteria.

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    Thanks very much for this review. Learnt a great deal. I’ve been unaware there are travel pillows made for public flights. I’m the type that travels alot and only take my sleep when I’m on my journey. The Aibolt Inflatable Neck Travel Pillow is so amazing with the USB incorporated to heat it up. I will refer to this as a ‘Smart Pillow’. It’s intriguing

    1. Dr. SD

      It is great to hear your insight about the travel pillow.

      If you do not feel odd which you sleep during a journey, you need not buy a travel pillow; but most of the people feel neck pain during sitting sleep in flights, train or car. Keeping this problem in mind, travel pillows are discovered and become popular travel equipment in the market. 

      However, if you are a frequent traveler, and you have to sleep while sitting, then you should get some support in your neck; otherwise neck and back problem may arise in the future. The travel pillow is actually an ideal tool to support the neck.


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      For sure, non-inflatable travel pillows are very comfortable, especially if it is memory foam based or microfibre based. It is great to know you are already using such travel pillows in your long travel. 

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    I did not know that there are inflatable travel pillows as I always use a U-shaped non-inflatables. The problem I always have is that it takes a long time to dry and after several washes, it gets deformed. At times I wonder if non-inflatable travel pillows are machine washable. After knowing about inflatable travel pillows, I’m considering trying it on my next vacation. It will really save a lot of space because I can always deflate it after use. 

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you very much for your visit to MTA and dropping an interesting comment. 

      You have highlighted here the drying and deforming problem after washing your non-inflatable travel pillows. But it totally depends upon the material inside the pillow. Memory foam base non-inflatable travel pillows are not allowed to wash directly. That means, you should not wash the shell of the pillow, but you can wash the outer cover in the washing machine (if the cover is removable). However, few microfibre based travel pillows are washable as a whole (doesn’t get deformed), this article represented a few of them (Huzi, BCOZZY etc. – please check the article for details). 

      Keeping ‘washing matter’ in mind, we tried to represent the best non-inflatable travel pillows in this article, they (or their covers) are washable.

      In this article, some of the best inflatable travel pillows are highlighted. You, of course, can try any of those, depending upon your choice.

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    1. Dr. SD

      You have thrown a challenging task to me, to search for a wedge-shaped pillow which is suitable for travel. I really never thought of this because I feel well with general neck support travel pillows. I have seen many wedge-shaped pillows which are not suitable for travel at all. However, you can keep an inflatable wedge-shaped pillow with you; but they consume greater volume even in deflated condition.

      Among the listed pillows, you can try Dot & Dot twist memory foam travel pillow, which can be used as back support by changing the shape.

      I shall search for a better option for you, and let you know soon.


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    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your special notice over the picture, which I created with special care.

      You can definitely use inflatable travel pillows, to save your space. The ultimate aim should be to sleep well when you are traveling. If you feel well with an inflatable travel pillow, then it is great.

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    Thanks for some great info on travel, definitely gave us some food for thought?  My wife struggles to sleep at the best of times, let alone on a plane.  Personally, I do not like the feel of an inflatable one, but my wife seems to like them.

    I have a question though, are there any in your list which would be suitable for a child.  I know he will sleep anywhere, but it would be nice for him to be comfy on our next plane trip.



    1. Dr. SD

      It all depends upon the age of your child. I expect he/she is about at least 5-6 years old. As described in the article, BCOZZy chin supporting travel pillow is available in children size. Travelrest is also a good choice for babies.

      Similar to you, I also prefer non-inflatable travel pillows. But few people may vote for the inflatable pillows to avoid space problem.

      Anyway, thank you for your visit here and share your insight.


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    EVERY travel lovers will be very happy to see this lovely post. I have experience with the inflatable pillow but I haven’t used the non-inflatable before now. Checking on your article convinced me to check on the non-inflatable in order to gain experience. Thanks for highlighting the pros and cons of the two pillows.

    Thank you for sharing this insightful review. This is the demonstration of the right way to go about selecting the best of all. Look forward to reading your other articles.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for stopping by and share your insight.

      You have already used inflatable travel pillows and so, you can try the non-inflatable to realize the difference. But you must be very selective before buy. I like non-inflatable travel pillows.


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    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your visit here in MTA and share your insight.

      This is all about comfort, but not to care what other people say. People may not have an idea about the comfort of a travel pillow. Once you start to use travel pillow, other people may inquire you about the accessories, and soon later you may see many of them start to use their own travel pillow. This may happen.

      If you suffer from neck pain during your travel, you can try travel pillow without any confusion,


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    I travel a lot due to the nature of my job and I can understand why somebody needs a pillow for avoiding neck pain. Thanks for sharing your tips to buy a travel pillow as I am about to buy one. Space and fabric are matter most important to me. Huzi infinity pillow is a good one and going to buy this.

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your visit to MTA, and share your insight. I am glad to hear that, the tips in this article become helpful to you.

      If you are a frequent traveler you must have a travel pillow. You said you have chosen Huzi Infinity to save space and experience the comfort of the fabric. I think you have chosen the absolutely right one. Hugi infinity travel pillow is a great choice, in terms of both comfort and space.



    Thanks for all of the information on travel pillows. I had no idea there were so many choices and things to consider. In addition to the price, comfort, and size, one needs to also consider being able to clean or sanitize the pillows in addition to packing, size and ease of use. I will definitely check back with the product reviews when I take my next trip.


    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you very much for your visit to MTA (My Travel Accessories) and share your insight.
      With deep survey, in this article, we represented the best travel pillows in the market, considering their price, comfort, cleaning criteria, size etc. It is a great pleasure if you find it helpful.

      To experience a hassle-free trip, you can keep a travel pillow with you; and avoid buying from airport spending some extra bucks. Better, you should arrange a travel pillow before you head for a trip. You can save your hard earned money.

  20. Marita

    Hi Dr. SD, I usually have long flights when I travel back home and have long layovers. And I keep forgetting to buy a travel pillow! I just remember when I see someone in the airport with a travel pillow hooked to his carry on bag. In your post, I like best the BCOZZY Chin Supporting Travel Pillow because it is comfortable, flexible and supports not only the neck but also your chin. I will buy this soon, Marita

    1. Dr. SD

      Hi Marita,

      Similar to you many people who are not a frequent traveler, often forget to buy a travel pillow. Many of then buy a travel pillow from airport spending some extra bucks, and others suffer from neck pain.

      You have chosen a good travel pillow. BCOZZY travel pillow is pretty comfortable and provides extra support on your chin. You definitely can go ahead.

      Thank you for your visit to MTA.

      Best wishes.

  21. Evie

    You gave a thorough review about travel pillows. I’m not a frequent traveler. I personally like heat as I am always cold. The U shape pillows are the ones I prefer. The Aibolt inflatable travel pillow seems to fit me, but can I clean it? Also, what material is made out of? thanks!

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your visit here.

      If you like to keep yourself heat, you can use Aibolt inflatable travel pillow. The generated heat is not only to reduce coldness but also for better blood circulation, which allows restricting a stiff neck. 

      The travel pillow has a velvet cover which is removable and washable.


  22. randyford

    Wow! I guess I don’t have to search more. Everything I need is already here! I would probably want to have the Dot & Dot Twist Memory Foam Travel Pillow. first of all, I would prefer foam instead of an inflated pillow. Foam gives me more comfort and 2nd thing is it can be twisted for your comfort. Great article by the way. Gonna have this one soon!

    1. Dr. SD

      Thank you for your visit here in MTA and share your insight.

      You have chosen a great piece of a travel pillow. In fact, this may be considered as the best travel pillow for long flights, because this one is pretty flexible and you can bend it as you like. In a long flight, you can not seat in a constant position. And of course, if you have enough room in your suitcase, non-inflatable travel pillows are the best choice.

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