Cola Beach in Goa

You may not be familiar with the beautiful Cola beach in Goa, because it is a hidden beauty on this earth. When we planned to explore a nomadic destination in Goa, we found Cola beach after a long search, and we had to work hard to arrange our stay in this wonderful place. If you are searching for a peaceful sea beach in Goa, you are absolutely in the right place. In this article, you will get all explanation in details, the full story of Cola beach in Goa, India. Travelers will never feel difficulty again to reach there.

You’ll decide to head towards Cola beach only after you know why to go and what is there. We have given the best effort to represent the overall scenario with the pictorial explanation. Let’s start from scratch.

A Brief Introduction of Cola Beach in Goa

There must be reasons to explore such a little beach in a corner of this earth which is still pretty unknown to many people.

On the western coast of India, there is a small state, Goa, which is a very popular destination for international and Indian Tourists. In the months of December and January, almost all the hotels and homestays remain fulfilled mainly by international travelers. Every year the mass gathering starts from 2-3 days prior to Christmas and continues up to the middle of January, and Goa glows with the lights of the festival during this season. Though Christmas and New Year months are the most popular season in Goa, tourists from all over the world continue to visit there throughout the year.

In the southern part of Goa (South Goa), Palolem,  Agonda, and Patnem are the three most popular destinations for international travelers. Apart from these well-known locations, local people and foreign tourists uncovered some seaside villages in search of a peaceful stay. Cola beach is one of such offbeat destination, where the beautiful lagoon meets the unstoppable wave of the Arabian sea.

A narrow canal flows through the Cola beach in Goa, which is a connnection between the lagoon and the sea.

Let’s Follow Cola Beach Highway

When you follow the village road from the main highway, you’ll never expect, you are going to visit a sea beach. After cross a green field beside a temple, you have to pass through a 2 km bumping road; The tire of your rented car will be punished by the boulders here and there on the road. You may feel irritating for a while, but the light of hope will flash when you’ll see a few foreign travelers gossiping beside the road or riding their scooters or bikes. However, when we last visited there, the local villagers told, the government has decided to modify the road, though personally I like it to be natural as it is/was.

Don’t be confused with the term “Highway” in the sub-heading, it was a joke, the actual name is “Cola Beach Road”.

After 10 minutes of the journey on this road, you’ll see the hilly forest on one side of the road (your right side), while the other side stiffs down to meet a streamline far below. The steam is actually Khola river which converts to the lagoon near the sea beach. In that position, we came down from our car and had a short walk through the jungle road, and were lucky enough to see a few unknown birds in the hilly forest!

The Cola beach road ends to a point after 15-20 minutes more, and reach to the point of excitements. You can see the lagoon far below at left, along with some tent heads. Far below in front of you can see the waves from the blue ocean thudding the golden sand of the Cola beach in Goa.

To reach the beach below, you have to follow the stairs. So, let’s go and see.

Feelings in the First Sight

You can see a partial view of the sea beach from the last stair step, and I bet your excitement will grow more to explore the beauty. You’ll forget all pain from your recent journey over the bumpy dumpy road.

This the beautiful view of Cola Beach in Goa from one of the cottages.
View of Cola Beach from a cottage

You’ll be amazed when you see the overall view for the first time, though it all depends upon the position you are looking from. There are some cottages at the left of the stairs which are situated at 15-20 feet upside from the sea beach. If you book a cottage there, the overall scenario will be visible from the top (we booked there), and that is amazing in the true sense. For me, it was something like ‘Love at First Sight’.

We reached there in the afternoon and the view diminished all the tiredness, even we forgot about lunch (Actually we ran a long way, and couldn’t manage time for lunch). We were just watching in a stand by mode towards the beauty from the hut balcony. There were only a few people and most of them were international travelers, enjoying the lazy afternoon here and there on the sand. Away from other crowd beaches in Goa, Cola beach is really a peaceful place.

The waves are busy there andThe canal at Cola beach in Goa get fulfiled during High tide and maintains a gap with the sea during low tide. continuously thud the sand of the seashore. From the top, you can see the vast blue and the golden beach from left to right. This is not a very long beach, but more than 3 km. On the left side, there is a beautiful lagoon, which is connected to the sea by a narrow natural canal. The canal remains filled during high tide, but get partially dried and departed from the sea during low tide. It is excellent to see the meet point of the canal and the sea. Water from the sea enters the narrow canal when waves thudding the beach, and again returns to the sea, and the same happens again and again.

You may have seen lagoon or back-water in many places, but this one is quite different. Near the beach it is not deep at all, the water level reaches only up to your knee or little more in some area (but, it gets deeper, as you go inside away from the beach). The water is crystal clear, and you can relax there, seat or play with an inflatable ball, anything you wish.

The beautiful back water at Cola beach in Goa is not deep at all near the beach.

The backside of the beach is decorated with small hills covered by green. Series of palm trees grow up at the bank of the lagoon.

With the combination of blue sea, golden sand, crystal clear backwater, green background and peaceful environment Cola beach in Goa are a real hidden treasure for nomadic travelers.

How to Spend a Full Day at Cola beach in Goa

Let you explain how you can enjoy there a full day in Cola beach.

Early in the morning, just after you wake up, you do nothing but sit for a while at your hut balcony with a cup of tea or coffee. The beautiful view of the blue ocean and golden beach will provide you a new charm. On the beach, you can see a few tourists enjoying the morning exercise sessions in a fresh breeze. You can join the joggers if you wish.

After your breakfast, you need to get ready in a light t-shirt, shorts or 3/4 pant, and slippers; because water may sprinkle on you. You may take a towel, sunglasses and a beach tent (if available) or something to cover the sun. You must take your camera or camera mobile for some clicks below. Don’t forget to cover the mobile and the camera with waterproof covers.

Get down to the sand. The narrow You will enjoy playing in the current of the canal water at Cola Beach in Goa.canal connected to the backwater is the first thing that will attract you. The waves thud the shore and seawater enter through the canal. You may enjoy playing there in this water. The force of the stream in the canal is enough to float you; the game is pretty interesting, especially for the children. One negative point, you’ll be wet in full in this game. So, you may avoid this game if you don’t like to get wet early in the morning. But you may click some photos standing on the stream.

There are few more cottages and tents beside the lagoon, which are said to be lagoon view cottages. Both sides of the lagoon are full of greenery. You can see a series of palm trees there. You can take a short walk in that direction to feel the green beside the lagoon.

Before you dive into the sea, you can experience kayaking into the backwater. Few local people wait for there customers besides the lagoon with kayaks, they provide you rental kayaks. You canYou will enjoy floating or kayaking in the Back water of Cola beach in Goa. enjoy kayaking for 1 hour through the backwater. There is a wooden bridge over the lagoon, go up to that landmark, The lagoon gets much deeper after that. Moreover, during high tide the current of the water flow in the inside direction, so you have to work hard to get back near the beach if you go too far.

You can see a few tourists float in the lagoon on their personal inflatable floating mats. If you have one such floating mat, you can enjoy the same too.

In the morning session, the population in the beach area increases with time. The gathering is mainly by international tourists. The stay option in Cola beach is limited. The foreign tourists stay in nearby sea beaches or villages and come to spend the full day there at Cola beach. Many of them check in to the hotels in Palolem or Agonda, situated at more south in Goa.

In the day time, you can notice Travelers playing with flying disc and ball in the lagoon of Cola beach in Goa.several activities at Cola beach. you can see few people are enjoying sunbath, a few are playing with inflatable balls or rings, some of them are enjoying the wicked waves or the cool lagoon, a few people are just installing their beach tents for leisure, one or two are climbing the hill beside the beach. A lot of options, you can choose anything to do.

If you like to swim in the ocean, I’d say you must be very careful. That is not a flat sea, and waves are not gentle due to the slope at the edge, waves are very wicked especially during high tide. So, if you wish to take a bath in the sea, be watchful and followYou should be careful about taking bath because the sea is not gentle at Cola beach in Goa. every wave. Just go to the sea, and enjoy the big waves, but do not try to swim there. There are careful coast guards at Cola beach, but still, you should be very careful. In Cola beach, when I was enjoying a sea bath during high tide, a certain wave thudded very strongly on my back as I became unaware for a moment. The ocean is relatively gentle during low tide, but still, you must not go far.

After lunch, you can spend a lazy hour on the beach or on your balcony. Maybe you can take a short rest inside your hut to keep your charm alive for the afternoon session.

In the afternoon, visitors who came from away, start to return. Cola beach becomes quiet again, only the waves keep continue to move in their own rhythm. Now, the most beautiful thing you’ll experience is the sunset over the Arabian sea. If you are lucky enough, you can be a witness of the clear view; the sun is slowly disappearing at the edge of the earth. Sometimes clouds disturb the full view.

After a day full of fun, in the evening you can move to the beachside restaurant cum bar. Enjoy the starter to dinner along with light drinks (if you like to) and chill out with the cool breeze of the ocean. Preparations of seafood are very special there, especially crabs, lobsters, and pomfrets.

In the days of the full moon, the Cola beach glows in an unforgettable look. If you visit there during the full moon, you must have a walkout over the glowing sand, that’s really amazing. Luckily we were able to experience the evening of a full moon in Cola.

Now, let’s take an overview of the things to do in Cola Beach in Goa :

  • In the early morning, enjoy the beauty of Cola beaches from your hut balcony.
  • Have a morning walk or jog over the golden sand.
  • Take your breakfast and get ready in a light t-shirt and shorts/half pants and slippers. Take a waterproof camera case and mobile phone cover with you.
  • Walkthrough the beach and the backwater, and enjoy the view of the surroundings, the greenery beside the lagoon.
  • Enjoy and play in the canal which connects the backwater and the ocean. You’ll really enjoy the stream.
  • Enjoy kayaking in the backwater.
  • Take your position on the beach and install your beach tent or any other sun guard.
  • Enjoy your bath into the sea and play with the wave, but must be careful as the waves are not gentle at all due to the slop at the edge.
  • Take your lunch and take some rest.
  • Enjoy the sunset from the cola beach, it’s beautiful.
  • Spend your evening in the beachside bar cum restaurant.
  • Walkthrough the glowing Cola beach if the moon shines over.

So, you already spend a full day at Cola beach, through this article. Tell me, how it feels now?

You are watching a side view at Cola beach in Goa

Best time to visit Cola Beach

The month of late October to early March is the best time to visit Cola beach, especially if you are from a cold climate. You will get pleasant weather during these seasons. Let’s discuss in detail.

  • October to March: Temperature varies between 31-19 °C in these months. October and March remain relatively hot and humid. The people from the colder region, November to February should be the best season. In the months of Christmas and New Year (20th December to 15th March), Goa remains fulfilled with foreign travelers.
  • April to June: This is summertime in Goa and Cola beach. The temperature reaches up to 38-40 °C in summer here. Additionally, humidity also increases a lot. In these months day time remains hot, but the afternoon is pleasant, and you can experience thundershower in some afternoon or evening.
  • July to September: It is better to avoid Cola beach during monsoon. July to September is a season of full monsoon. The greenery in the lagoon area looks very nice in the rainy season, but the lagoon and the seawater overlaps and the major area of the sand beach cover-up with water. In addition, the ocean becomes very wicked.

How to reach Cola beach in Goa, India

Goa is an international destination, so, you should not be thinking about reaching there. You can reach there by flight, train or by road.

By air

Dabolim airport is situated in Goa, at the capital Panjim or Panaji. Many international flights land directly to Dabolim airport. You can search for whether it is available from your country or not.

Don’t worry if there is no direct flight. Chhatrapati Shivaji international airport in Mumbai is the nearest airport to Goa. After you land to Mumbai, you can check in to another connective flight to reach Dabolim Airport in Goa, it takes only 1 hour. Otherwise, you can reach there by train. You need to spend 10-12 hours on the train.

From Dabolim airport, you can take a taxi or rental car to reach Cola beach. To cover the distance of approx. 60 km, you need to spend only 1 hour 15 minutes in the car.

So in brief:

  • You can reach directly to Dabolim Airport in Goa.
  • You can reach to Dabolim Airport via Mumbai International Airport.
  • You can land to Mumbai International Airport, then reach to Madgaon by train.
  • After you reach to Dabolim Airport or Madgaon Railway Station, you have to rent a car to reach Cola beach.

By Train

Maybe you are a resident of India, or you come to travel through India from a foreign country, and Goa and Cola beach are in your travel list. Under such a situation, you can reach Goa by train, if you wish to avoid a flight journey. But you must have to reserve a ticket 2-4 months prior to your journey (all depends upon the season).

There are many direct trains to reach in Goa, from several corners of the country. You can also get the train from Mumbai.

Madgaon, Vasco Da Gama, and Thivim are the popular railway stations in Goa; among these Madgaon is the nearest station to reach Cola beach. To reach Cola beaches from Madgaon (32 km distance) you need approximately 1 h time.

By Road

If you are traveling to Cola beach in Goa from other states in India, I’d say to avoid road route, because you can reach there by train or flight which are a much better option. If you wish to travel by your personal car or bike that is different, but better to avoid a rental car or bus, as you already have better options. Distance from Mumbai to Cola beach is 626 km, and need at least 12-13 hours without any stop.

However, if you are in other places of Goa then you have to reach there by car or bike. Please see below to know the distance of Cola beaches from some popular destinations in Goa.

  • Dabolim Airport to Cola beach: Distance 60 km and you need approximate 1 hour 15 minutes time.
  • Madgaon to Cola beach: Distance 32 km and you need approximate 1 hour to reach.
  • Calangute to Cola beach: Distance 75 km and you need approximate 2 hours 30 minutes to reach.
  • Palolem or Canacona to Cola beach: Distance 17 km and you need approximately 45 minutes to reach.
  • Agonda to Cola beach: Distance 11 km and you need approximately 30 minutes to reach.
  • Arambol to Cola Beach: Distance 95 km and you need approximate 4 hours to reach.
  • Morjim to Cola beach: Distance 88 km and you need approximate 3 hours 30 minutes to reach.

Where to Stay in Cola Beach

At the top there are stay options and restautents at Cola beach in Goa.
Cottages at the top offer you a great view of the surroundings.

There are limited places to stay at Cola beach. You have to book early to enjoy your full day night stay there. For your kind information, you’ll not get any star hotel in cola beach. You’ll get wooden beach cottages or huts and tents there.

Many tourists visit there for nearby other locations and spend the day time only. I’d say, you should book a cottage or tent for your overnight stay. If you do so you’ll not have any hurry, and can relax the full day in a better way. One night stay at Cola beach is sufficient to enjoy in full, though few people like to stay for more than one night. However, after your stay, the next day you can move to your next destination.

Dwarka Eco Beach Resort – You’ll get an excellent view of both the sea and the lagoon from this property.

Blue Lagoon Resort – They have several types of properties, such as jungle view, lagoon cum sea view, and premium sea view cottages and bungalows.

Cola Beach Exclusive Tented resort – The tents are situated under the palm tree and offer you a full view of the beach. Additionally, you can enjoy the campfire and other leisure there.

Krishna Paradise Beach Resort – these cottages are a bit away from the beach, and situated at the bank of Khola river. You’ll get a great lagoon view from here.

Sea Front Cottages Khola – You’ll get an excellent sea view from the top, but the lagoon is not visible from here.

Cola Beach Sunset Bay – They offer you luxury tents for your stay. This is a sea view property, but the lagoon is a little away from this.

Samyama Retreat – The interior of these cottages are nice, but a bit away from the sea beach, and offers you a nice view of the lagoon.

Beside the lagoon there are some beautiful cottages at Cola beach in Goa.
Besides the lagoon, there are some beautiful cottages to offer you sea and lagoon views.

Conclusive Words about Cola beach in Goa

Ladies and gentlemen, I have almost finished my description of the Cola beach in Goa. Now it is your turn to realize the whole. So, how do you think about Cola beach?

We have seen many beautiful coastal destinations in India which include beaches in Goa, Pondicherry, Kanyakumari, Andaman, and many other locations; and Cola beach in Goa is unique in a true sense. Within a compact area, nature has decorated this place with deep blue Sea, beautiful lagoon, small hills and a lot of greenery along with a series of palm trees. After all, you can spend a few days away from the unwanted crowd, into nature.

You have a lot of things to do throughout a full day which is more than sufficient to enjoy in full. If you are planning to visit India, you may visit Goa, and if you have planned to visit Goa, then you must keep Cola beach in your travel list. We assure you, you’ll really enjoy one or two nights stay at Cola beach in Goa.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask; please drop your query in the comment box below. It’s very simple. I shall be more than happy to help you.

If you like the article, please share it and drop your insight into the comment box below.

Wish you all the very best.

Dr. SD

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February 14, 2019


I have read this excellent article fully and I am very excited to visit Cola Beach in Goa. Those scenery are very beautiful and I am planning for a trip with my friends to go there recently. I am going to save this article in my bookmark section and share it with my friends. I believe they will be happy to read this information. Thanks for writing this important article.

    Dr. SD
    February 15, 2019

    Thank you very much for visiting here and share your insight. I am glad to know that, you like the article and sharing with your friends.

    If you really wish to visit there, you can follow this article. I guess you’ll rarely get many details about Cola beach, because, this is a relatively unexplored place and thus peaceful to spend holidays. Rest of the Goa is a great place too, and if you are visiting Goa, spend 1-2 days in Cola beach.


February 14, 2019

This article is informative for me. This is the natural haven Cola beach in Goa in India. I carefully read the article. There are many charming sights on this beach. It is attractive myself. I have been glad to know about the science of their nature. I have decided that I will trip the spot. and I offer everybody to travel there.

    Dr. SD
    February 15, 2019

    Thank you for your visit here in MTA and kind attention to the article. In true sense Cola beach is beautiful; the nature has decorated this place just like heaven. 

    If you visit in Goa, India, you can spend a few days there at Cola beach, you’ll feel the peace.

    Best wishes.

Abhishek roy
February 15, 2019

I love Goa, and I’ll must visit this place. Thank you, Dr SD, for this nice article. It will be quite helpful to me.

    February 15, 2019

    Thank you for stopping by and share your insight.

    I guess you have visited Goa, as you already told you really love Goa. There are many beautiful beaches in Goa, but Cola beach is unique by its beauty, away from unwanted crowd and really peaceful. You can stay there for 1-2 nights to feel the difference. Otherwise, you’ll be missing something incredible.

    Best wishes.

Tania Mondal Roy
February 15, 2019

I am very interested in Cola beach! It’s beautifully explained. I will definitely visit there.

    February 15, 2019

    It is great to know that, you have been interested in Cola beach. If you ever visit Goa, India you, keep this place in your travel list. I assure you, you’ll enjoy.

    Thank you for your visit here in MTA, and drop a comment.Happy to help.

    Best regards.

Aweda Olakunle
February 15, 2019

Hi Dr Sd, just finished reading your article on cola beach in goa, it sounds like an exciting place to visit and I absolutely love it from all your descriptions. The scenery looks so beautiful. Im planning on a trip to india hopefully next year and could you recommend more wonderful places like this to visit? and it’s a family trip. I saw your list of other coastal destinations but I need other different tourist attractions to visit in India. Thanks

    Dr. SD
    February 16, 2019

    Thank you for your attention to this article, showing interest on Cola Beach in Goa.

    There are versatile places to visit in India and many in number. in the north and northeast, you can discover the Himalayan territory, while in the south you can explore a number of beautiful beaches. In the west, you’ll find desert, beautiful lakes, and historical monuments, and the middle of India is decorated with deep forest, green mountains, and witness of history. However, in the northeast, Cherapunji and Mawsinram (state – Meghalaya) offer you the beauty of green hills with an experience of frequent rainfalls (Worl’s highest rainfall occurs here).

    So, all depends on the time range for vacationing in India, when you are visiting and what types of places you wish to visit. I can guide you accordingly so that you can experience your best trip to India with your family.

    Here in MTA I shall continue to keep posting about beautiful places. Please keep watching to get the detailed descriptions.

    Best wishes.

February 15, 2019

I have visited many beaches in goa but never listened about that particular beach! Really, its a hidden treasure and sounds peaceful. Thanks for explaining the unexplored Cola beach. If you have informations about other unexplored sea beaches of Goa, please share.

    February 16, 2019

    Thank you for your visit here and share your insight.

    It is great to know that, you have already explored many beaches in Goa. Cola beach is an unexplored beach, where travelers can spend a vacation in peace. If you are planning to visit Goa in the recent future, you must visit there, you’ll feel great.

    We are continuously working to explore such nomadic places. Please keep watching here in MTA to get details about more such places.

    Best wishes.

William Zopre
February 18, 2019

Thanks for explaining a lot about the beach.
Can you please suggest that which beach is better for honeymoon couple – Cola or Paloleme?

    February 18, 2019

    Hi Mr. William Zopre,

    Thank you for visit here in MTA and post an interesting query.

    I would say both are great beaches for a honeymoon couple; but, you’ll get little more crowd in Palolem in comparison to Cola beach. In Palolem, you’ll get a beautiful island beside the main beach where you can spend time during low tide (during high tide the island get isolated to the mainland). There are Butterfly, Honeymoon, and monkey beach (island) where you have to reach by boat, and by the same boat, you can see dolphins in the middle of the sea (preferably in the morning time). There is a backwater in Palolem too, you have to take a boat to visit there. You can take bath and enjoy the water games in Palolem because waves are cool there. Beach is very long. You can visit nearby Patnem and Agond beach by bike or car. There are many stay options near Palolem beach (including star rated lodging). Overall there are much more options in Palolem.

    On the other hand, Cola beach situated in an offbeat location, and relatively less explored, and hence much more peaceful. Star rated hotels are not available there but you’ll be experienced to stay in the tent, small wooden cottages or bungalows, all beside the sea or the lagoon. The sea is rough there and sloppy. So, it is suggested not to go far into the sea and take bath during low tide. I like the wicked sea, so I enjoyed it better than Palolem. The beauty of Cola beach increases a lot due to the presence of lagoon in the middle of the beach and green background full of palm trees and additionally, you are getting a peaceful environment. All other details have been included in this article.

    Now, everything depends upon the length of your vacation in Goa. I suggest you stay 1-2 nights in Cola. Distance from Cola to Palolem is only 17 km, so you can spend the rest of the days in Palolem or on other beaches/destinations in Goa.

    Soon, I shall post more articles describing other beaches in Goa, and also the rest of India. You can check those too later for better explanations.

    I hope this brief explanation may help you for now.

    Best wishes.
    Dr. SD

February 18, 2019

Can you please suggest nearby shopping places as we are planning for Cola. Initially I planned for Calangute but your article changed my mind.

    February 18, 2019


    Thank you for stopping by and send a query.

    Calangute is a very crowdy destination. This place is almost in the center of all Goa beaches (relatively northern side) and most affordable, and thus people prefer to visit there. However, you can cover many beaches, forts and beautiful Doodhsagar waterfalls from Calangute.

    But if you are searching for peace and beautiful beaches, you must head towards south Goa where Cola, Palolem, Agonda, Patnem are situated.

    Unfortunately, there is no shopping option near Cola beach as it is situated in a nomadic location. There, you can be closer to nature only. After spending 1-2 nights in Cola, you can move 17 km more to reach Palolem, where you’ll get a lot of shopping options.

    Best wishes.

Todd P Matthews
March 15, 2019

This definitely looks like paradise to me. For one, staying in a hut would be a sweet experience and something that I could never really get here in the US. That alone would be great. I’d be one to go between October to March, as the April to June season may be a little too hot, but 19-31 Celsius would be perfect, as it equates to 66 to 87 Farenheit, which is closer to my ideal temperatures. As for activities, anything physical would be a blast, like the kayacking or jogging, especially if in the morning and/or evening.

    March 16, 2019

    Hi Todd,
    Cola beach is a very nice place to spend a few days, if you visit Goa, India. I have seen many foreign tourists visit there in Goa, as this is a very beautiful place and relatively cheap. But a few know about Cola beach. That’s why you can spend a peaceful holiday there.

    Most of the staying options are beach hut and tents at Cola beach. We also stayed in one of the beach huts. But you must plan your trip before March, because after March Cola becomes hot, and AC is not included in most of the huts.

    I assure you, you must enjoy Cola beach in Goa if you visit there.


March 16, 2019

Cola Beach, Goa must certainly be a hidden treasure, because it’s the first time I am hearing about this beautiful place. I would love to spend a full day there. As I read your post, I just picture what my day can be like, so I’ll look into planning a trip soon.

    March 17, 2019

    Hi Carol,
    Cola Beach in Goa is really a heavenly place, a hidden treasure. You’ll have a great day if you visit there, for sure. Don’t miss the place.

    Best wishes.

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