Ostrich Pillow Go Review – Does It Respect Your Choice?

Let’s take a look at the brief overview before we start Ostrich Pillow Go review.

  • Product: Ostrich Pillow Go
  • Price: $60
  • The Cheapest Place to buy: Amazon.com
  • Colors: Inner wall – Midnight Grey, deep Blue, Blue Reef; Outer wall – Light Grey.
  • Our Rating: 9/10

Before Introduction

Whenever we head for a long journey by chair cars or flight, we always miss our most loving bed and pillow. Still, we have to move either for work or to explore new destination, we have to snooze (you may fall on others, while snoozing) or sleep while sitting, and often we get up with a painful neck. To get rescue from this awful situation, I used few other neck pillows, and I had mixed feelings.

With the aim to try something different, one fine morning I ordered a travel pillow namely ‘Ostrich Pillow Go’. In my rapid pre-order research, I found this one is the lighter and upgraded version of ‘Ostrich Pillow Light‘, which was a very much popular product.

Today, after let her (the pillow) feel in my neck I am going to explore the reality in this Ostrich Pillow Go review.

Did ‘Ostrich Pillow Go’ Respect My Choice?

After a long research I went for a relatively high price travel pillow to feel the differences. I spent a couple of nights with lots of anxiety. When it reached, I was not in home; let’s share my experiences to unbox it, immediately after my return to home.

There was small round pouch and the cute Ostrich Pillow was sleeping inside. The pouch was (is) so handy (size of the neck pillow reduced within the pouch), that you can keep it anywhere in your backpack when traveling.

I took it out from the pouch, the pillow was spreading out to a standard size; it was really different, not like common neck pillows in market, rather much softer and stylish. Studio Banana (as well as Ostrich pillow) team have been outstanding once again for this unique and great invention. I never forget to include it in my travel accessories (actually in my backpack), whenever I head to cross Atlantic or pacific, even in long hours chair car journey.

Pros and Cons of Ostrich Pillow Go


  • It is so soft (even though, the memory foam is compressed up to 60% of it’s size), but not softest where your head joins the neck, and thus made it ideal travel companion.
  • It is very stable, though it is very soft. High density memory foam offers 360 degree neck support, and ultimate comfort.
  • The design of Ostrich pillow go is very Stylish and matches the needs of modern nomads.
  • The velcro strap and the soft viscolastic sleeve in Ostrich pillow go offer you perfect fit and luxury feeling. It fits to any phisics, don’t worry your fat or thin, long neck or short.
  • There are magnets in the strap, which can search proper place to set the neck pillow.
  • Ostrich pillow Go offers you ultimate comfort away from bed; it closes the gap between your neck and the seat perfectly, and comfortably let you sleep on a soft pillow.
  • This is washable as you can remove the shell from its cotton cover. To remove the foam you’ll get a zipper just beside ‘Ostrich pillow’ logo.
  • It is travel friendly; takes minimum space in your backpack.


  • No doubt, it is expensive than others.
  • Few people found it tight in their neck (people with smaller neck), but I guess there are something wrong; the magnetic bottoms perfectly set in any physics.
Considering the two negatives we have to 8.5/10, otherwise it is 10 out of 10 product without any confusions.

It is expensive Without Any Confusion, Still Worthy

Ostrich pillow Go is expensive than many other travel pillow, but also offers the real comfort than many others for sure, especially for its softness and unique get up. For me ultimate comfort is the first priority, even though I have to spend some extra penny. I tried few others before, but this one is totally different in quality. Now Ostrich Pillow Go is my dear travel partner in my each and every journey. You’ll realize the value of money only after you get closer to this amazing beauty (as per my own experience).

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Conclusive Remarks

Ostrich Pillow Go rocks. The quality of this wonderful product offers a homely comfort when you are away from home and drift you to the dreamland in your long journey. After my overall experiences, I become a big fan of this particular neck pillow, which driven me to share a Ostrich Pillow Go review.

I hope this review is helpful.

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January 21, 2019

This review help me to find the correct neck pillow. Besides, I can find other types of ostrich pillow which will help any snoozing person during travel. Thanks.

    January 22, 2019

    Thank you very much for stopping by and share insights. I am glad to know that, this article is helpful to you. Much detailed review article on travel pillows are comming soon.

    Best rgards,
    Dr. SD

January 23, 2019

Very interesting article on Ostrich travel pillow……I can see how it would be very comfortable for resting your head while in awkward positions trying to rest or get a little sleep while traveling. Thanks for sharing this info.

    January 24, 2019

    Thank you for stopping by and for sharing your insight.
    Ostrich pillow is really a nice travel pillow in terms of it’s comfort and style. The memory foam used to make this travel pillow is very comfortable.

    Dr. SD

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