Ride on the Luggage: Electric Riding Trolley, Travel Suitcase, Intelligent Robot Luggage, High-capacity smart carry on, Smart suitcase

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Never get tired by standing if you have such a smart suitcase with you. Fill up your suitcase and ride on it like a scooter.

  • made of three-layer composite compression structure: PC and ABS are the body material and aluminum alloy frame.
  • the suitcase is very durable and can carry up to 90 kg weight.
  • Keep the handle in the folded condition when you are dragging the suitcase, unfold it when you are riding.
  • One button telescopic handle is easy the pullout.
  • International TSA custom code lock included.
  • LED light, two USB ports (for charging mobile, etc.) and in-build Bluetooth speaker included
  • Battery: Lithium (see below for details)
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