Travel Accessories for Luggage: Keep Your Luggage Organized with Better Security

During my long term travel experience, I have finally concluded that some essential travel accessories for luggage not only organize your stuff proper way, but also offers you extra security.

I am going to share my brief opinion about 10 such accessories which are strictly related to luggage and packaging. Few among those are the main carriers such as suitcases and backpacks, but others are small travel accessories which people forget to consider within their backpack but those play very crucial roles under certain circumstances.

Let’s get rolled.

1. Travel Suitcase

If you are traveling in flight you have generally two types of suitcase options,

  1. Checked in suitcase
  2. Carry on suitcase

Airlines luggage rules vary from country to country and also from airlines to airlines. Luggage rules in American airlines must be different from baggage regulations of Indian airline or Chinese air services, again African subcontinents generate some different baggage rules. So you need to be aware of the luggage regulations of the specific nation (or airlines) where you are traveling. I pointed out this fact because, I personally suffered from my luggage in the past, when I was not so experienced about variable airlines rule.

Suitcases are the primary travel accessories for luggage organization.Before purchasing a suitcase for your long travel you must check some important things very well, such as shell type, wheel features, handle features, waterproof nature, scratch proof features, and some other things. You can check this article for more detail explanation about how to select the right suitcase.

Different hard case suitcases in the market normally made with different materials, such as PP, PVC, ABS, PC, etc. For maximum durability and lightweight features, you should select the right material. I’d suggest you, get detail knowledge about the best material of hard case suitcases before you purchase one.

If you are looking to buy a suitcase for your next trip you can check this article for the best suitcases within a reasonable price. You’ll get there both checked-in and carry-on suitcases in the hard side and soft side materials.

2. Backpack

Backpacks are the second major travel accessories for luggage organization.Travelers who are addicted to adventure trips, a perfect backpack is one of the most essential travel accessories for them. Because as a hiker you can’t carry your bulky and heavy suitcases in your hiking or camping trip, but you have to carry all of your essentials within your backpack. That is not less than a challenge.

To select the right backpack especially for your adventure trip, the basic criteria should be lightweight, waterproof, very durable, expandable size, multi pockets, well stitched, etc.

A backpack is also essential for a leisure trip, but in that case, you have to carry much fewer things in your backpack. So, you can purchase a fancy and smaller backpack for your beach trip. Still, I’d suggest you not to focus only on style but also check the durability of the backpack.

3. Smart carry on suitcases

To be honest, I never tried smart suitcases in my journey so far, but this is a revolutionary movement in architecting a carry on suitcase and I’ll be happy to get my first smart suitcase before my next trip. Very recently I have had some hands-on experience with this techie suitcase.

Smart suitcase incorporated with the battery for charging your mobile phone or tablet, a GPS tracker to locate it easily, an electronic scale to measure the weight of the bag and remote locking.

Smart suitcases are relatively more expensive, but if you dare to purchase this all-in-one package you can cut out several other accessories from your list.

4. Multi-Bag Stacker

If you are traveling with more than one suitcase, you have to utilize more than one hand to drag them. You can drag up to two suitcases in your two hands, but when the number of suitcase increases more it’s a serious problem. How will you carry 3 or 4 suitcases by your only two god gifted arms?

Multi-bag stacker comes with a solution to this problem. With this small but useful accessory, just connect your 3-4 luggage together in a line and drag them by your one arm only… keep your other hand free to receive a phone call from your wife or girlfriend (or maybe your husband).

5. Digital Measurement Scale

You can face unnecessary harassment if your luggage weight exceeds than described in airlines regulation. They’ll not let you check in until they get satisfied with your luggage weight. So, you have to remove some of your stuffs which are generating excess weight.

Rather than experiencing such awful situation, keep a digital measurement scale with you and simply measure the weight of your luggage before you leave your home or hotel room. If it is higher than airlines rule just shift the excess to another bag.

If you are carrying your smart suitcases in your trip, you can avoid this one, because smart suitcase comes with an inbuilt measurement scale.

6. Space-saving Waterproof Organizers

Organizers are very useful accessories and they become highly popular after their evolution in the market. If you keep your stuffs in an organized way in different cubes you’ll remain organized throughout your trip.

Packing cubes are perfect travel accessories for luggage organization.In my early days, after reaching a destination I had to pull out all the stuffs to find out appropriate clothes and again I had to organize all before leaving for the next destination. Those days were really irritating. But after I start using the packing cubes (organizers), it was so easy to stay organized always throughout the trip.

I’d suggest you, check the waterproof feature when buying an organizers’ set, because often rain doesn’t come with a prior message. If your suitcase is at the roof of the car and rainwater leaks inside, waterproof organizers will save your clothes.

7. TSA Approved Lock

Nowadays most of the high-quality suitcases come with an in-built TSA approved lock. But still, you need a TSA approved lock if…

  • You want to have extra security.
  • Your suitcase does not have inbuilt TSA lock.
  • You want to secure your other luggage, such as Backpack, handbag, etc.
  • Other urgencies (such as inbuild lock stops working).

For the urgent purpose, you should keep at least a pair of TSA approved lock with you if you are traveling away from home.

8. Portable Makeup Travel Bag

This is exclusively for the lady travelers. In your long trip, it is not possible to stay without caring your face. Additionally, often you have to spend some evenings in disco, party or restaurants. So you need to carry minimum make up accessories in an organized way. A portable makeup bag is very useful to solve the purpose.

9. Travel Jewelry Box

Similar to a make-up set you have to carry a few pieces of jewelry to spend romantic evenings, maybe a candlelight dinner with your boyfriend or husband during your trip, or even maybe a disco night.

Besides, you can also buy some traditional jewelry from the local markets of your travel destinations (as mementos).

A travel jewelry box will help you to keep all your jewelry safe and organized.

10. Anti-Crease Shirt Transporter

Anti-crease shirt transporter is more useful for business travel rather than a casual trip. It helps your shirts, tops, blouse, or ties to stay crease-free and sharp. If you are heading on a business trip, this is a very useful accessory for you. However, in your leisure trip, you can carry one or two anti-crease transporters for some special days. This will also serve the purpose of ironing (I guess nobody travels with an iron!).

Final remarks

That’s all about the 10 essential travel accessories which are directly related luggage. During my journey, I personally realized the importance of almost each of them and I am just sharing my experience thinking if it can help you out someday.

How do you think?

If you have any queries, please post it in the comment box, I shall revert back to you with my answer.

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Thank you for your attention.

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